What I learned in photoshop=]

  • Edit Raster/Bitmap images using masks.  (putting mikey mouse at whitehouse.)
  • Bitmap files store pixels.
  • Layer editing.
  • How to save for web and devices. - optimizes  images for web publishing.
  • save files as .jpg files for bitmaps
  • create animated .gif files.

What I learned in Illustrator =]

  • Made curves with pen tool. (Benzier tool)
  • learned how to create vector images.
  • Vector is good for logos.
  • Create a layout for website.
  • Vector file extentions: .ai, .pdf, .svg.

What I learned in Garageband =]

  • Learned to alter songs speed, pitch, and tone.
  • Learned about AAC, MP3 files. MP3 files are more universal.
  • Export songs as MP3 files.

What I learned in FLASH =]

  • Learned how to create a simple frame by frame animation. (like a flip book)
  • Tweening frames. (Be "tween")
  • Webpage with buttons. learned some code.
  • made games with buttons.
  • .fla - flash files. (working file) - .swf - shockwave files (web publish)