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Search engines use a web-based internet bot that searches through the internet to fine webpages based on what your search criteria are based on, so if you search for video games, the Google Bot will search through the internet to fine every page based on or containing the "video games" in or on the website or page. Which is all Located on a server.


A website should have great appearance,  grammar,  spelling, and a great theme.


Bill of Rights, II Amendment.

The second Amendment on the Bill of Rights clearly states that "a well regulated Militia" is granted the right to bear arms for the security of a free state.  It also clearly states that all citizens with-in the free state is also allowed to own and bear weapons. It also states that it "shall not be infringed."  The Second Amendment was added to the Bill of Rights to grant all citizens within the United States to bear and keep arms for individual use, or to collect arms and to bear arms in militia or both. It is also said that "bear arms" is meant to state that you are allowed to wage war.


It's only legal to take information from copyrights work only after the intellectual property rights have expired, and/or the intellectual property rights are forfeited or they are note covered by intellectual property rights all at. Public domain may refer to ideas, information and works that are "publicly available".  The context of intellectual property law includes copyright, patents, and trademarks. It also refers to works which are intangible to private ownership and/or which are available for use by members of the public.


The purpose of a operating system is to put together hardware and software together to work as one. 

1. Windows
2. Linux
3. Snow leopard OX

Article 1
1. Sir Tim Berners-Lee asked the world (or the country's) to offer free low-bandwidth internet connect to everyone with in the area of a ISP and then allowing them to get a better and higher-bandwidth for a price. But  what he also talked about how country's are limiting the way people view the web and even limiting the way people see the web on their mobile items.
My Response - This is a great idea, because if you look at it, what happens if you can't get hold of a friend that lives in another part of the world, but if he had a free internet connect , he could answer all the questions or write back, or he can even see whats happening on the news without having to turn on the T.V.

What is a network? A network is a group of computer connected to the internet through being wired or wireless and being able to talk with each other and figure out problems. A network can either be within a building, house, cafe or it could be within a city or the world.

Article 2
Everything on the web requires the use of packets, whether its in an email website or just a simple text document on a website, it all requires packets to be sent or received. Depending on the type of network, packets can be called frames,  blocks, cells, or segments. The structures of packets is as follows, Header, payload,


1.) What does Ethics mean? Ethics is the
branch of philosophy  that addresses questions about morality. Which also contents to right or wrong, good or bad, justice or virtue.
2.) Compare Ethics to illegal behavior and to morals.


The idea is great to have a free program that is available to everyone  in 20+ different languages, 


The way the Obama administration is creating a sub-group to monitor all internet privacy and traffic it pretty stupid. This group shouldn't exist only because as you look at how it is going to be ran by gaining "voluntary privacy info(i.e.:phone numbers, age, ect.) only to look on how this can help protect people from getting hacked. But what it should really say is that "we will take all info without letting the people know" or something like that. 


HTML is the code for all websites, no matter if its flash or just a picture, theres always going to be some type of HTML on a webpage. HTML has grown since it first came out with just a few lines of code to hundreds of different and confusing codes just to make a webpage or website come up. Broswers on the other hand have to have even more then the website or webpage just to display or even find the website. Now with HTML 5 on the way and The  XHTML 2 project canceled, the web is going to grow even more. People and company's say that with the HTML 5 project, moving forward at a decent speed, is going to be the web of the future for the next decade.


What is the relationship between graphic design and web design?

Graphic and web designing is pretty much the same thing, except that web design takes more coding than graphic design. Graphic has to deal with logos, user interface, textiles, and animations. Web design has to do with same stuff except that there are a few other things such as, usability, copywriting, navigation, and pay-per-click. 


What is the difference between the <div> and <span> tags?

The difference between thee <div> and <span> tag is that the <div> tag defines a division or a section in an HTML document. 
The <span> tag provides no visual change by its self.


Games played by humans, but scored by nature.

With a game that Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University researchers developed is helping to research key regulator in cells in the human body, this just doesn't mean fun, but also information for scientist to look at.

Most Companys or jobs wont hire people that don't have a degree in some field of education. But some jobs do.


The new Ipad 2 is pretty much like a Ipad on steroids! With 2 new cameras (front and back) increased speed, and HD graphics for games and movies plus 10 hours of life, you're pretty much set for a 10 hour drive to were ever you want to go, plus with the 3G version you have internet 24/7 no matter what!


With Yahoo trying to compete with Google in Searching and Search results is just going to open a new battle between Search Engines. But with google having a very long shot on yahoo. Yahoo is going to have to kick it up a notch to start to even compete with Google and its ways of searching.


This new find in using the Xbos 360's kinect to drive a motorized chair around is going to open many new possibility
with hands free interactions. But as we see that the arms will get tired from sitting there holding them out straight we will want to develop wireless gloves that sense movements and send them to a motorized computer controlled by a computer that senses when the gloves are moved.